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Titles Released on October 5 2014

NHLPL Officially Opened Worldwide on October 5 2014


Our Atlantic Attempt (1919)


South Africa A Century Ago (1924) Special Edition

American Indian Wars and Captivity

Capture and Escape of Frances and Almira Hall (1832, 1833)

Expedition Against the Indians (1783)

Recollections of the Whitman Massacre (1920)

American Politics

Memoirs and Letters of Dolly Madison (1886)

Nancy Hanks Lincoln A Frontier Portrait (1952, 1953)

American Revolution

Narrative of Ethan Allen's Captivity (1779, 1838) Third Edition

American Slavery

Scenes in the Life of Harriet Tubman (1869)


History of the Copper Mines and Newgate Prison (1845)

Classic Works

A Christmas Carol (1843)

Black Beauty (1877)

Story of a Puppet (1892)

Treasure Island (1883) British Edition

Colonial Days

Pilgrims at Plymouth (1921)

Samoset (1910)

Short History of the Salem Witchcraft Trials (1911)

Trial of John Peter Zenger (1736, 1738) Fourth Edition

European Royalty

Correspondence of the Kaiser and Tsar (1917, 1918)

Historical Studies

Danish Islands Are We Bound to Pay for Them (1869)

Declaration of Independence (1911) Literal Print

Mayflower Compact (1920)

St. Thomas Treaty Letters from the Daily Advertiser (1869)

Inventors and Inventions

Early History of the Airplane (1922)

Modern Works

Lady of the Barge (1902)

Seventh Christmas (1916, 1917)

Vanishing Point (1922)


Abraham Fornander Letters to Erik Ljungstedt (1973)

Fort DeRussy Days (1988)

I Knew Queen Liliuokalani (1960)

John Owen Dominis Husband of Queen Liliuokalani (1981)

Journal of Elisha Loomis (1937) Typed Copy

Journal of Lucia Ruggles Holman (1931)

Kamaaina A Century in Hawaii (1949)

Log of the Kaalokai (1909)

Memoirs of Henry Obookiah (1818, 1830) Revised Edition

Memoirs of Henry Obookiah (1818, 1956) Special Edition

Memoirs of Henry Obookiah (1818, 1968) New Edition

Personal Reminiscences of William Cooper Parke (1891)

Rebellion of 1895 (1895)

Voyage of the Brig Thaddeus (1975)

With Stevenson in Samoa (1910)

Social and Civic Leaders

A Letter on Uncle Tom's Cabin (1852)


Loss of the SS Titanic (1912)

Westward Movement

By Ox-Team to California (1916)

Journal of James Akin, Jr. (1919)

World War I

Carry On Letters in Wartime (1917)

Diary of a Nursing Sister on the Western Front (1915)

Letters from a Liaision Officer (1919) Ferdinand Jelke

Letters from a Liaision Officer 1918-1919 (1920) Clarence Mitchell

Titles Released on April 5 2015


Across Asia on a Bicycle (1894)

Overland to California (1894) Typed Copy

American Civil War

A Woman's Wartime Journal (1918)

Battle of the Ironclads (no date) Typed Copy

Days of Old and Years Past (1939)

Diary of Ephraim Shelby Dodd (1914)

Monitor and the Merrimac (1912)

American Indian Wars and Captivity

Capture and Escape or Life Among the Sioux (1869, 1870)

Narrative of My Captivity Among the Sioux Indians (1871)

American Politics

Last Words of General Washington (1892)

Letters of General Scott and Ex-President Buchanan (1862)

Letters of Lincoln on Questions of National Policy (1863)

Lincoln's Marriage (1917)

Meet Abraham Lincoln (1946) Harper Edition

Washington's Diary at the Constitutional Convention (1887)

American Slavery

Harriet Tubman Who Led Slaves to Freedom (1900)

Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl (1861)


From Within (1891)

Reminiscences and Letters of Mary Parker (1891)

Australia and New Zealand

Six Letters from the Colonies (1886)

Boer Wars

Boer War (1902)

Boer War (1902) Special Edition

British Colonial Slavery

A Letter to William Wilberforce (1816)

Classic Works

Peter Rugg (1882)

Peter Rugg (1908, 1910) Illustrated Edition

Colonial Days

An Account of Anne Bradstreet's Life (1898)

Cape Cod Journal of the Pilgrim Fathers (1920)

Massasoit of the Wampanoags (1919)

European Royalty

Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn Love Letters (1937)

Love Letters of Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn with Notes (1906)

European Voyages

First Four Voyages of Amerigo Vespucci (1885)

Journal of Columbus First Voyage (1912)

Letters of Amerigo Vespucci (1894)

Menzies' Journal of Vancouver's Voyage (1923)

Historical Studies

Policy of Emancipation (1863)

Modern Works

Lost World (1912) British Edition


Life of Lucy G. Thurston (1882, 1921) Second Edition


Bib Ballads (1915)

Poems of Phillis Wheatley (1773, 1886, 1887) New Edition

Poems of Phillis Wheatley (1773, 1909) Special Edition

Works of Anne Bradstreet (1867)


Kateri Lily of the Mohawks (1922)

Mormon Saints (1919)

Mormons and Their Bible (1901) Special Edition

Social and Civic Leaders

Chief Joseph's Own Story (1925) Special Edition

Spanish American War

A Gunner Aboard the Yankee (1898)

Following the Flag-Diary of a Soldier's Wife (1919)

How I Carried the Message to Garcia (1922)

Two Rough Riders Letters of the McCurdy Brothers (1902)

Westward Movement

A Trip Across the Plains in 1854 (1908)

Titles Released on October 5 2015


Life of Nathaniel Pitt Langford (1915)

American Civil War

Journal of an Excursion from New York (1871)

American Indian Wars and Captivity

Sioux Uprising of 1862 Volume 1 (1915) Reminiscences of the Little Crow War

Sioux Uprising of 1862 Volume 2 (1894) Sioux Story of the War

Sioux Uprising of 1862 Volume 3 (1905) Sioux Narrative of the Outbreak

Sioux Uprising of 1862 Volume 4 (1894) Incidents of the Threatened Sioux Outbreak

Sioux Uprising of 1862 Volume 5 (1894) Mrs. Sweet's Narrative of Her Captivity in the Sioux Outbreak

Sioux Uprising of 1862 Volume 6 (1915) Boyhood Remembrances Among the Dakotas

Sioux Uprising of 1862 Volume 7 (1915) Experiences in Southwestern Minnesota

Sioux Uprising of 1862 Volume 8 (1915) Narratives of the Sioux War

Sioux Uprising of 1862 Volume 9 (1894) Story of Mary Schwandt

Sioux Uprising of 1862 Volume 10 (1894) Story of Nancy McClure

Sioux Uprising of 1862 Volume 11 (1880) Indian Warfare in Minnesota

Sioux Uprising of 1862 Volume 12 (1898) Sully's Expedition Against the Sioux

American Politics

Mary Todd Lincoln Memorial (1912)

American Revolution

A Sacrifice of Seventy-Six (1915)

Bunker Hill Letters from the Battlefield (1875)

Israel Putnam Commander at Bunker Hill (1875)

Journal of Henry Dearborn in Quebec (1886) Special Edition

Life of Captain Nathan Hale (1874)

Memoir of Captain Nathan Hale (1844)

American Slavery

Experience of Thomas H. Jones (1850, 1862) Special Edition

Pictures and Stories from Uncle Tom's Cabin (1853)


Diaries of Timothy Walker (1889)


Gates of the Caribbean (1922)

Haunted Sentry Box of Puerto Rico (1916)

Story of Cuban Sugar (1924)

Story of the Banana (1921)


Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1899, 1900)

Classic Works

Going of the White Swan (1885, 1898, 1912) Special Edition

Colonial Days

Expeditions of John Lovewell (1865, 1909) Special Edition

Mayflower Pilgrims (1921)

Historical Studies

Fruits of the Mayflower (1849)

Uncle Tom at Home (1853)


Letter from Gentlemen of the Council at Bengal (1764)


Courtship (1920)

Don Juan (1891)

Sacajawea (1918)


A Dish of Apples (1921)

Dear Hawaii (1922)

Iscariot (1912)

Memory of Lincoln (1899)


Christmas Carol (1873)

Social and Civic Leaders

Memorial Service for Andrew Carnegie (1919)

Peril and Preservation of the Home (1903)

True Crime

Trial of Captain John Kimber (1792)

Westward Movement

Early Discoveries by Spaniards in New Mexico (1857)

World War I

Diary of a U-Boat Commander (1920)

Young Adult

Mr. Brady's Camera Boy (1951)

Sea Raiders (1927)

Titles Released on January 5 2016


Bark Kathleen Sunk by a Whale (1902)

American Civil War

Thirteen Months in the Rebel Army (1862)

American Politics

Abe Lincoln and Nancy Hanks (1920)

Abraham Lincoln Man and American (1917)

Martha Washington (1860, 1861)

Reminiscences of Abraham Lincoln (1884)

Tragic Career of Mary Todd Lincoln (1931)

American Slavery

Personal Narrative of Margaret Douglas (1854)

Sketch of the Life of Benjamin Banneker (1854)


Recollections of Elizabeth Benton Fremont (1912)


Reminiscences of the Caribbean Sea and Spanish Main (1914)


Child's Life of Abraham Lincoln (1917)

Classic Works

Legend of Sleepy Hollow (1863, 1864) Illustrated Edition

Legend of Sleepy Hollow (1897) Illustrated Edition

Rip Van Winkle (1863) Illustrated Edition

Rip Van Winkle (1897) Illustrated Edition

Colonial Days

A Voyage into New England (1628, 1847) Special Edition

Argonauts of Faith (1920)

History of Plymouth Plantation (1890) School Edition

Last of the Mayflower (1920)

European Voyages

Death of Captain Cook (1917) Special Edition

Diary of Ebenezer Townsend (1921) Special Edition

Drake and His Yeomen (1899)

Log of the Brig Hope (1918)

Voyages in the Years 1788 and 1789 (1916) Special Edition

Voyages of Drake and Gilbert (1909)

French and Indian War

Burial of George Augustus Howe (1893, 1908) Special Edition

Burial of Lord Viscount Howe (1893)

Historical Studies

Cession of Danish Islands in the West Indies (1902)

Cession of Danish Islands in the West Indies (1917)

Cession of Danish West Indies Report (1917)

Letter to William C. Rives (1860)

Lincoln's Inaugurals and Other Writings (1896)

Magna Carter Comparative View (1900)

Ireland and Scotland

Insurrection in Dublin (1916)

Media History

Story of Rin-Tin-Tin (1927)

Wallace Reid His Life Story (1923)

Modern Works

Betsy Ross Romance of the Flag (1901)

Napoleonic Wars

Extract from a Diary of George Cockburn (1888)


Love is Eternal (1955)

Mary the Wife of Abraham Lincoln (1949, 1955)



Science and Nature

Foundations of the Origin of Species (1909)

Mr. Darwin's Critics (1871)

On the Theory of the Origin of Species (1868)

Social and Civic Leaders

Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie (1920)

Despotism in America (1840)


Origins of the Werewolf Superstition (1909)

True Ghost Stories (1915)

United States History

Shays Rebellion Two Letters (1847)

Titles Released on April 5 2016


Diary of a Forty-Niner (1906, 1920) Special Edition

American Indian Wars and Captivity

Captives Among the Indians (1915) Special Edition

Captivity of John Williams and Mary Rowlandson (1811)

Captivity of Mary Rowlandson (1682, 1791) Revised Edition

Captivity of Mary Rowlandson (1682, 1791, 1856) New Edition

Captivity of the Oatman Girls (1857) Second Edition

American Politics

Behind the Scenes in the Lincoln White House (1868)

Lincoln's Ellsworth Letter (1916)

Mary Lincoln Letter to Elizabeth Grimsly (1917)

American Revolution

Letter from Jacob Bailey (1857)


An Engineer's Notebook (1921)

British Colonial Slavery

Three Months in Jamaica on a Sugar Plantation (1833)

Classic Works

Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1875, 1876)

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1865, 1866)

Amelia Sherwood (1849, 1850)

Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon Volume 1 (1820)

Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon Volume 1 (1821) New Edition

Through the Looking Glass (1871, 1872)

Vampyre (1819)

Crimean War

Men of the War (1854)

Reminiscences of Two Wars and Two Exiles (1888)


Rupert Brooke Memoir (1918)

Story of Lewis Carroll (1899, 1900)

European Royalty

Early Court of Queen Victoria (1912)

Widowhood of Queen Victoria (1916)

European Voyages

Narrative of the First Voyage of Columbus (1827)

Voyage of Captain Cook Volume 1 (1890) Special Edition

French and Indian War

Recollections of an Old Soldier (1822)

Historical Studies

A Collection of Wartime Portraits (1904)

Cession of the Danish West Indies Letter (1916)

Lincoln at Gettysburg (1956)

Lincolniana Historical Portraits and Views (1915)

Photographs of Abraham Lincoln (1911)


An Account of Proceedings of John Gow (1825)


1914 and Five Sonnets (1915) Special Edition

In Memoriam Titanic Disaster (1913)

Poems of the Pacific (1918)

Verses of a V. A. D. (1918)

Polar Explorations

My Arctic Journal (1893)


Death of the Lusitania (1917)

Last Cruise of the Saginaw (1912)

Last Cruise of the Saginaw (1912) Special Edition

Titanic (1912) Filson Young

Westward Movement

California 1846 to 1888 (1888)

Life of Colonel Daniel Boone (1823, 1916) Special Edition

World War I

An Open Letter to Arthur Conan Doyle (1914)

Rupert Brooke and Skyros (1921)

Rupert Brooke's Death and Burial (1917)

Silver Lining Experiences of a War Bride (1918)

Victor Chapman's Letters from France (1918)

Titles Released on July 5 2016


5,000 Miles in a 27-Tonner (1922)

Journal of Voyages of Discovery (1807)

Life and Adventures of E. S. Carter (1896)

Log or Diary of Our Automobile Voyage (1910)

American Indian Wars and Captivity

Battle of the Big Hole (1889)

Chief Joseph's People and Their War (1964)

Classic Works

A Midnight Fantasy (1877)

Birds' Christmas Carol (1886, 1888, 1889) Special Edition

Birds' Christmas Carol (1886, 1888, 1912) Special Edition

In the Christmas Woods (1899)

Picture of Dorian Gray (1891)

Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1886) British Edition

Then This is Upland Pastures (1897)

Twice-Told Tales (1837)

Werewolf (1896)

Historical Studies

Address of John L. Stevens (1890)

Behind the Seams (1868, 1945) Special Edition

Shall Lincoln's Birthday Be a Legal Holiday (1922)


Abraham Lincoln Story and a Play (1914)

Alice in Wonderland (1898)

Birds' Christmas Carol (1914)

Pocahontas (1906)


1914 and Other Poems (1915)

Grave of the Lusitania (1918)

Jamestown Princess (1907)

Pocahontas (1915)

Poems of Thomas Bailey Aldrich (1862, 1863)

Selected Poems of Rupert Brooke (1917)

Polar Explorations

North Pole (1909, 1910) Hubbard Edition

Russian Revolution

Diary of the Russian Revolution (1918)

Inside the Russian Revolution (1917)

Social and Civic Leaders

Betsy Ross and the United States Flag (1909)

Did Betsy Ross Design the Flag (1917)

Get Out or Get in Line (1902)

Get Out or Get in Line (1902) Special Edition

History of the First United States Flag (1878)

Letter on the Subject of American Slavery (1836)

Nez Perce Joseph (1881)

Story of Chief Joseph (1881)

Story of Our Flag (1898)


Lusitania's Last Voyage (1915)

Truth About the Titanic (1913)

War of 1812

A Short Narrative of the War of 1812 (1853)

Reminiscences of the War of 1812-1814 (1895)

World War I

A Soldier's Mother in France (1918)

Boy of My Heart (1916)

Diary of 13th Battery Canadian Field Artillery (1919)

In the Royal Naval Air Service War Letters (1916) British Edition

Life in the War Zone (1916)

With the Flying Squadron War Letters (1916) American Edition

Titles Released on October 5 2016


Igloo Life (1923)

American Indian Wars and Captivity

John Chamberlin (1898, 1909) Special Edition

American Politics

Lincoln Man of Sorrow (1908)

Trial of Mary Todd Lincoln (1959)

Trial of Mrs. Abraham Lincoln (1962)

American Slavery

Father Henson's Story of His Own Life (1858)

Life of Josiah Henson (1849)


A Year of American Travel (1878)

Morgan Robertson the Man (1915)

Will and the Way Stories (1891)

Classic Works

Snow Image and Other Twice-Told Tales (1851, 1852)

Colonial Days

Pocahontas (1906) Virginia Garber


Francis Thompson (1907) Wilfrid Blunt

Francis Thompson Essays (1917) Benjamin Fisher

French and Indian War

Narrative of Thomas Brown (1760, 1908) Special Edition

Modern Works

A Six Hour Shift (1917, 1920)


Poems of Thomas Bailey Aldrich (1865)

Voice of the Ocean (1921)

Polar Explorations

Two Years in the Antarctic (1905)


Murder at Sea (1916)

War of 1812

Dartmoor Massacre (1815, 1911) Special Edition

Memoir of David Blackshear (1858)

Narrative of a Soldier's Service (1840, 1910) Special Edition

World War I

A War Nurse's Diary (1918)

Letters of Charles Sorley (1919)

Titles Released on January 5 2017


Under Southern Stars Tour Through South Africa (1923)

Where Animals Talk West African Folklore Tales (1912)

American Civil War

Lincoln's Gettysburg Address (1917)

American Politics

Lincolns in Elizabethtown (1932)

American Slavery

Experience of Thomas Jones (1850)

Australia and New Zealand

Australian Life (1885)

Classic Works

Carmilla (1872) Special Edition

French and Indian War

Taking of Louisburg (1890, 1891)

Historical Studies

Present Attempt to Dissolve the American Union (1862)


Volunteering in India (1893)

Inventors and Inventions

Samuel Finley Breese Morse (1901)

Media History

When the Movies Were Young (1925)

Modern Works

Monkey's Paw (1902) Special Edition

Wisdom of the Beasts (1922)


History of the Sandwich Islands Mission (1839)

Passing of Liliuokalani (1918)


Beloved Captain (1917)

Church and the Man (1917)

Cross (1919)

Religion and Common Sense (1918)

Social and Civic Leaders

Select Letters of Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1852)

Slave's Appeal (1860)

What Eight Million Women Want (1910)

True Crime

Life of John Wesley Hardin (1896)

United States History

Daniel Sullivan's Visits in 1781 (1884) Special Edition

Titles Released on March 5 2017


William Clark (1906) Special Edition

American Politics

Lincoln as I Knew Him (1927)

Shipley Ancestry of Lincoln's Mother (1933) Special Edition

Tad and His Father (1915)

Tad Lincoln (1926)

American Revolution

Battle of Groton Heights (1870)

Classic Works

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1884, 1885)

David Balfour (1893) American Edition

Kidnapped (1886) American Edition

Prince and the Pauper (1881, 1882)

Tom Sawyer Abroad (1894)

Colonial Days

On Plymouth Rock (1897)


Diary of John William Polidori (1911)

European Voyages

Francis Drake's West Indian Voyage (1652) Special Edition

French and Indian War

Diary Kept by Dudley Bradstreet (1897) Special Edition

Journal Kept by David Holden (1889) Special Edition


Honolulu Sketches of Hawaii from 1828 to 1861 (1880)

With Lord Byron at the Sandwich Islands in 1825 (1922)

Science and Nature

On the Origin of Species (1859) British Edition

Social and Civic Leaders

Letters and Addresses of George Thompson (1837)

Speech of Cassius M. Clay (1863)

United States History

Three Military Diaries (1901)

War of 1812

Journal of Joseph Valpey, Jr. (1922)

Westward Movement

Across the Plains to California in 1852 (1915)

Life and Times of Daniel Boone (1859)

Titles Released on May 5 2017


Biographical Memoir of John Wesley Powell (1915)

First Through the Grand Canyon (1915) Special Edition

American Indian Wars and Captivity

Captivity of Peter Milet (1888)

American Politics

Lincoln and Prohibition (1921)

American Revolution

Nathan Hale Ideal Patriot (1902)

British Colonial Slavery

A Letter to Thomas Clarkson (1832)

A Review on Behalf of Negro Slaves (1823)

Appeal of Slaves in the West Indies (1823) New Edition

Letters on British Colonial Slavery (1826) Second Edition

Utter Extinction of Slavery (1832)

West India Question Immediate Emancipation (1833)

Classic Works

Beowulf (1892) John Hall


A Trial of Witches at Assizes (1632, 1838) Special Edition

Historical Studies

Lincoln's Gettysburg Speech and Inaugural Addresses (1909)

Modern Works

Beowulf (1902) Chauncey Tinker

Beowulf (1902, 1910) Revised Edition (Chauncey Tinker)

Beowulf (1914) John Richard Hall


Around the World with a King (1904)

United States History

Contributions of American Indians to Civilization (1903)

Report from Natchitoches in 1807 (1922) Special Edition

Westward Movement

A Mission to the Indians (1862)

World War I

A Student in Arms (1917) First Series

A Student in Arms (1917) Second Series

Young Adult

Adventures of Uncle Sam's Sailors (1907)

Christmas for Tad (1955)

Titles Released on July 5 2017


A Life on the Ocean (1917)

Exploration of the Colorado River (1875)

Report of Explorations of the Colorado River (1874)

Solitary of Juan Fernandez (1851)

American Politics

An Autobiography of Abraham Lincoln (1926) Expanded Edition

Autobiography of Abraham Lincoln (1905)

Letters Exposing Mismanagement by Abraham Lincoln (1864)


Diary of John Rowe (1895) Special Edition

Classic Works

Doom of Mamelons (1888)

Colonial Days

Bradford's History of Plymouth Settlement (1909, 1920)

Diary of Increase Mather (1900) Special Edition

Diary of Samuel Checkley (1909) Special Edition

French and Indian War

Memoirs of the English and French War (1857)


Letters Written by a Missionary in India (1914)

Inventors and Inventions

Morse's Patent Full Exposure (1852)


Torrey's  Narrative (1847, 1848)


Nathaniel Hawthorne's Scarlet Letter (1876)


Easter Gleams (1890)

Wild Shrubs of Alabama (1852)

Science and Nature

On the Origin of Species (1859, 1860) New American Edition

Young Adult

A Cowboy Cavalier (1908)

A Venture in 1777 (1908)

Grimm's Fairy Tales (1922) Special Edition

Grimm's Fairy Tales Retold (1899) Illustrated Edition

Henry in the War (1899)

Titles Released on September 5 2017


Bird Life in an Arctic Spring (1899)


Five Years with the Congo Cannibals (1890)

American Politics

Diary of George Washington 1785 (1902)

Diary of George Washington 1789-1790 (1858)

Diary of George Washington 1789-1791 (1860)

Diary of George Washington 1791-1799 (1921)

Letters of George Washington to Benjamin Lincoln (1907)


Plantation Diary of Valcour Aime (1878)

Classic Works

Frankenstein (1818, 1831, 1869) Special Edition

Scarlet Letter (1850)

Scarlet Letter (1850) Second Edition

Colonial Days

Elder William Brewster (1887)

Memoirs of Fight at Piggwacket (1725, 1909) Special Edition

Zenger's Own Story (1736, 1954) Special Edition


Letters from America (1916)

Historical Studies

Lincoln, Hanks and Boone Families (1906)

Our Island Possessions (1900) Jonathan Ross

Purchase of Danish Islands (1902)

Second Declaration of Independence (1984)

Washington in Domestic Life (1857)

Middle East

Narrative of Fatalla Sayeghir (1836) American Edition


Lincoln and the Mother of Lincoln (1932)

Lincoln and Twenty Other Poems (1922)

Polar Explorations

With Scott Silver Lining (1916)

True Crime

Journal of Assassination of Lincoln (1915) Special Edition

Titles Released on November 5 2017


Whaling Journal of Captain W. B. Rhodes (1954)

American Civil War

Colonel Ellsworth First Hero of the Civil War (1918)

American Indian Wars and Captivity

Autobiography of Oliver Otis Howard (1907, 1908) Volume 1

Autobiography of Oliver Otis Howard (1907, 1908) Volume 2

Famous Indian Chiefs I Have Known (1907, 1908)

American Politics

A Defense of Lincoln's Mother (1921)

A Defense of Lincoln's Mother (1921) Second Edition

A Defense of Lincoln's Mother (1921, 1930) Third Edition

Abraham Lincoln His Life (1918)

Heart of Abraham Lincoln (1909)

Letters of Benjamin Franklin (1905) Special Edition

Lincoln's Correspondence with Grace Bedell (1934, 1935)

Little Known Adventures of Lincoln (1940) Reprint Edition

Little Known Gettysburg Address (1938) Reprint Edition

Little Known Lincoln Episodes (1937) Reprint Edition

Little Known Lincoln Humor (1937) Reprint Edition

Nancy Hanks Story of Lincoln's Mother (1899)

Sarah Bush Lincoln (1952)

Sarah Bush Lincoln Foster Mother of Lincoln (1922)

Sorrows of Nancy (1899)

Unity, Ethnicity and Abraham Lincoln (1978)

American Revolution

Arnold's Expedition Against Quebec 1775-1776 (1886)

Narrative of Jonathan Rathbun (1840)

Narrative of Jonathan Rathbun (1840, 1911) Special Edition

Sullivan's Expedition Against the Indians (1886)


Extracts from John Marshall's Diary (1900) Special Edition

British Colonial Slavery

A Review of the West India Colonies (1833)

Classic Works

Adventures of Crusoe Part 1 (1719, 1908) Special Edition

Adventures of Crusoe Part 2 (1719, 1908) Special Edition

Adventures of Crusoe Part 3 (1719, 1908) Special Edition

Adventures of Crusoe Part 4 (1719, 1908) Special Edition

Colonial Days

Journal of Pilgrims at Plymouth (1622, 1848) New Edition

Historical Studies

Annexation of Hawaii (1898) Adolph Meyer

Annexation of Hawaii (1898) Augustus Bacon

Annexation of Hawaii (1898) Charles E. Pearce

Annexation of Hawaii (1898) Charles L. Henry

Annexation of Hawaii (1898) D. S. Alexander

Annexation of Hawaii (1898) Daniel W. Mills

Annexation of Hawaii (1898) Edgar Crumpacker

Annexation of Hawaii (1898) Galusha A. Grow

Benjamin Franklin on Newspapers (1956)

Media History

Charlie Chaplin's Own Story (1916)


An Italian Baroness in Hawaii (1991)

Charles Reed Bishop Letter File (1972)

Duke Kahanamoku Hawaii's Golden Man (1974)

Fourteen Years in the Sandwich Islands (1981)

Lunalilo (1991)

Social and Civic Leaders

A Message to Garcia (1899) Special Edition

Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie (1920) Popular Edition

True Crime

Private Diary of John H. Surratt (1866)

Titles Currently in Development

Travels Through Asia, Africa and America Volumes 1 & 2 (1755)

Charlie Chaplin His Life and Art (1931)

Conquest of the North (1909)

In the Heart of the Arctics (1907)

Life of Queen Victoria (1901)

Legends and Myths of Hawaii (1887, 1888)

Life in Hawaii (1882)

My Recollections of Australia and Elsewhere 1842-1914 (1916)