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Feel free to let us know necessary info about specific titles or other questions such as possible technical errors or copyright issues. However, please do not send us individual titles or an unsolicited list of titles for possible inclusion at the Nancy Hanks Lincoln Public Library as they may already be on our list of future releases or have been rejected beforehand previously based on assumed importance. Listed titles already included in this library were pre-selected from an existing list of 10,000 books and all titles from this list, as well as to-be-written fiction and nonfiction titles, will eventually be included at some point in the library. That said, this library is not a dumping ground (like most public libraries) for everything published and therefore all books are (and will always be) specifically selected based on four simple factors. Books included in this library must be able to do one or more of the following, educate, entertain, inform, and, or be of historical importance, though it shouldn't be assumed every title (or other included non-book material such as magazines, maps, newspapers, photographs and video) will have all four mentioned above.

For volunteer inquiries please contact by email above for more info.