Library Info

Below is a list of public libraries from the United States and around the world of which some of the titles were acquired and scanned. Select titles were borrowed from private collections or were purchased exclusively for usage in this library also. All titles are in public domain unless otherwise noted.  Some titles were acquired through special arrangements with publishers, and, or author(s) as well. Copies of repeat printings or subsequent minor editions that were not revised or had additional updated information such as additional chapters were not included in this library either. Revised editions included in our collection are identified by stated labeling (Second, Third, Fourth Editions, etc., Paperback Edition, Special Edition, and, or British & American Editions, etc.) when needed. It should be noted also that due to the fact that these titles were acquired from public libraries or used bookstores (online or otherwise) imperfections will occasionally exist, though copies selected were the best available at the moment. However, replacement of damaged editions will occur when better copies are located (or purchased) at a later date and processed for distribution at NHLPL. All titles included in this library were checked personally for missing pages and unless specifically noted, all copies are fully intact with no missing pages and is an exact duplicate of the printed original despite being a digitized copy. That said, oversized (fold out) pages of maps, drawings, sketches, charts, etc. that were unable to be scanned successfully (due to technical impossibilities) will not be included with the available copies presently available. Nevertheless, if (fold out) pages are missing because of the previously stated issue, it will be noted per each edition when applicable. Select titles may have also been spliced together from duplicate versions of the same edition when necessary as well (to create a complete copy) due to severely damaged pages in some copies. All titles have been resized and compressed as well to fit into a specifically easy-to-read downloadable PDF model designed exclusively for NHLPL. Digital restoration was also done occasionally (to remove minor imperfections) to enhance the viewing quality of select titles when needed. However, no text was changed or added to existing copies. All editions are as published originally and includes publisher mistakes as well as errors by stated writers or editors of individual editions in order to retain their historical accuracy.

All libraries listed below are in alphabetical order by Country.


University of Toronto Robarts Library (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

United States

Allen County Public Library (Fort Wayne, Indiana)

American Libraries (multiple locations)

Boston Public Library (Boston, Massachusetts)

Brigham Young University Harold B. Lee Library (Provo, Utah)

Brigham Young University Joseph F. Smith Library (Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii)

California Digital Libraries (multiple locations)

Congregational Library of the American Congregational Association (Boston, Massachusetts)

Getty Research Institute (Los Angeles, California)

Gettysburg College Musselman Library Special Collections (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania)

Hawaii State Public Library (Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii)

JSTOR (multiple locations)

Library of Congress (Washington, D. C.)

Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection (Fort Wayne, Indiana)

Medical Heritage Libraries (multiple locations)

New York Public Library (New York City, New York)

Princeton Theological Seminary Library (Princeton, New Jersey)

UCLA Library Charles E. Young Research Library (Los Angeles, California)

University of California Libraries (multiple locations)

University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign, Champaign, Illinois)

University of Massachusetts (Boston, Massachusetts)

University of Massachusetts Claire T. Carney Library (Dartmouth, Massachusetts)

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Chapel Hill, North Carolina)

University of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

Wellesley College Library (Wellesley, Massachusetts)

Special thanks to Internet Archive for their digital collection of rare books and manuscripts.