About Los Angeles Community Connection

In 2000 following in the tradition of other well-known social movements around the United States, the Los Angeles Community Action Network created its own community-based newspaper with the purpose of telling the whole story from the perspectives of those living it. Since then the Los Angeles Community Connection has served as a forum for extremely low-income residents to express their opinions, write stories, and report on specific events happening in their community from their own points of view. For more information about additional issues, volunteering, or to donate, please visit www.cangress.org now.


Los Angeles Community Connection is available at this library in a limited quantity only and is not affiliated with the Nancy Hanks Lincoln Public Library in any way other than the above-mentioned arrangement. Views expressed in Los Angeles Community Connection are those of their contributors only and is published under existing free speech policies of the United States and may not represent the views of everyone across the country. This one-volume edition is the property of Los Angeles Community Connection and may not be reprinted or sold without permission beforehand. For additional info please contact the Los Angeles Community Connection at the available link provided above.


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