About Opinion America

Opinion America is a free online bi-monthly newspaper written by people (with varying opinions) from all walks of life that have something to say about issues (both moral and political) that affect us all today. Originally begun in early 2015 as an online social issues editorial focusing mainly on musings written by cosmopolitan observers from around the United States addressing topics that are repeatedly ignored by the mainstream media owned by corporations concerned only about ratings or are propaganda outlets of specific political parties that knowingly repeat false narratives to their viewers, it has today become a voice for many whose opinions make others think about things they might have never wondered about previous. Copies of past and present issues can be downloaded free of charge from the list below. Submissions of all opinions are welcomed and may appear in future issues (though some restrictions apply). See the second page of the most recent issue for guidelines on submitting material. All submitted material becomes the property of the Opinion America archives upon publication.

Truth matters even if it isn't always what we want to hear from others when we think we have all the answers. Good ideas can change the future but misguided ideologies destroys hope and creates despair.


Opinion America is an exclusive online free speech publication available through the Nancy Hanks Lincoln Public Library but managed separately. Views expressed are those of their contributors only and is published under existing free speech policies of the United States and may not represent the views of everyone across the country. All material submitted is fact-checked for accuracy prior to publication.


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