About Street Sense

Street Sense was founded in August 2003 after two social issues-minded individuals named Laura Thompson-Osuri and Ted Henson approached the National Coalition for the Homeless on separate occasions about starting an independent street newspaper for the Washington D. C. area. Street Sense published its first issue in November 2003 and throughout the years the paper was published consistently on a monthly basis and eventually in a bi-monthly basis as its circulation grew to approximately 16,000 issues every two weeks. Street Sense is one of about twenty social issues street newspapers sold across the United States in a unified effort to inform the masses about their surrounding neighborhoods. For more information about additional issues, volunteering, or to donate, please visit www.streetsense.org now.


Street Sense is available at this library in a limited quantity only and is not affiliated with the Nancy Hanks Lincoln Public Library in any way other than the above-mentioned arrangement. Views expressed in Street Sense are those of their contributors only and is published under existing free speech policies of the United States and may not represent the views of everyone across the country. All display copies are the property of Street Sense and may not be reprinted, republished or sold without permission beforehand. No exceptions. For more info please contact Street Sense at the available link above.


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